LAVAL TECHNOPOLE is mandated by the City of Laval to promote and ensure the economic development of the City by attracting investments, hosting companies and supporting businesses on its territory.

The mission of LAVAL TECHNOPOLE consists of promoting Laval as a leading economic region in Quebec, drawing investments to the Laval region, stimulating the growth of Laval-based companies, implementing  tools that create value and support the advancement of Laval's sectors of excellence, notably through the estabishment of links between businesses and universities; showcasing Laval-based businesses on the national and international economic stage; negotiating strategic agreements with other entities to forge alliances that benefit Laval companies and help the technopole's sectors grow and thrive.

Key Numbers

409 718Inhabitants 9 948businesses
1,5 milliard $2012 Investment 672012 Implantation
6492012 Expansions projcts 2 254Jobs Created in 2012
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